What is leadership? John Maxwell, a well-known author writes that, People have so many misconceptions about leadership. When they hear that someone has an impressive title or an assigned leadership position, they assume that he or she is a leader. Sometimes, that is true. But titles do not have much value when it comes to leading. True leadership cannot be awarded, appointed, or assigned. It comes only from influence, and it must be earned. All leaders should be like thermostats rather than thermometers. It is easy to confuse these instruments because both are capable of measuring heat. However, they are quite different. A thermometer is passive; it records the temperature of its environment but can do nothing to change it. A thermostat is an active instrument. It determines what the environment will be and it effects change in order to create a proper climate. The leadership team of Arise Ministries desires to be a thermostat, affecting change in the corporate body and creating a spiritual climate conducive for God to move. These servant-leaders are dedicated to the training and equipping of believers for works of service. The Arise leaders are biblically qualified, faithful, compassionate, loving men and women who are committed to partner with each individual to fulfill their God-given destiny in Christ. The Christ-like character of the Arise Ministries leaders, coupled with a positive atmosphere in our ministry, is encouraging people to accomplish great things for God, producing greater spiritual momentum!