Ordained Ministers

Ordination Ministers

We appreciate your interest in the AMI Network. Please take your time and browse through the benefits and requirements of the three levels of relationship available to those desiring affiliation with the network. If you have decided to apply as an Ordained Minister with the AMI Network, you will find a Membership packet for you and your spouse (if applicable), a Reference Information Form including a letter requesting information about you along with a copy of Dr. Bill Hamon’s “10 M’s of Ministry,” to be reproduced and sent to those who are well acquainted with your personal and ministry life, and a Covering Confessional Covenant that you and your spouse (if applicable) are requested to read, understand and abide by. To learn more about the Ordained Minister benefits and requirements click here.

Upon completion of the application and your agreement with the Covering Confessional Covenant, please sign the application and mail to:

AMI Network
Attn: Ordination Minister
P. O. Box 203215
Austin, Texas 78720-3215


It is important that all reference letters are submitted in a timely manner so that the application process is not hindered.

We look forward to receiving your completed application and letters of recommendation.