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 The Month of Repentance
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 Arise Ministries in Austin Texas

We consider it a privilege to have you visit our website. We believe God has led you here today for a special purpose. His desire is to meet with you, to show you His love and encourage you to draw closer to Him.

At the Arise Ministries in Austin, TX we are committed to helping you and your family experience all of the good things that God has for you. Our prayer is that the God of all grace anoints you with fresh oil and His precious Spirit. Please give us an opportunity to pray for you. Write your prayer request in the space below and send it to us, and our prayer teams will pray for you this week. We invite you to visit our calendar page to preview our upcoming events and guest speakers. Be sure to sign up on our email list below to receive the most up-to-date information about the ministry and any special events.

Thanks again for stopping by! We look forward to getting to know you. May God richly bless you.

Your Prayer Request…
Please click the “Prayer Request” button below to send your prayer request to our Prayer Team.

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